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Let's Hand Over the Mic to a "raving fan" for a Moment:

"Being passionate radio broadcasters, we're continually looking to form teams of high-energy and creative radio programmers in a network of five diversified stations.  , we're looking forward to discussing and debating "hot topics" of the day with "raving SMOOTH 105 fans.  We're excited to present this forum for interesting reads, thought provoking concepts and ideas.  This platform does not allow personal attacks, character assassinations, or victimizations.

Thank you for sharing your comments, opinions and assessments on one or all topics. This means a lot to us. Remember to be civil and courteous without being nasty and unplesant. Please share what you're feeling about the subjects being discussed.  Register below and we'll be happy to send you the free newsletter as well.  Stay tuned to best practices and original ideas for more successful and more creative radio!  Leave your name and email below, and we'll talk soon: